The Lord of the Rings:

All that is gold does not glitter,
not all those who wander are lost;
the old that is strong does not wither,
deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
a light from the shadows shall spring;
renewed shall be the blade that was broken,
the crownless again shall be king.

~The Rose~

Some say love it is a river
that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love it is a razor
that leaves the soul to bleed.
Some say love it is a hunger
an endless aching need.
I say love it is a flower
and you, it's only seed.

It's the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance.
It's the dream afraid of waking
that never takes a chance.
It's the one who can't be taken
who cannot seem to give,
and the soul afraid of dying
that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long,
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong,
Just remember in the winter,
far beneath the bitter snows,
lies the seed that with the suns love
in the spring becomes the rose.

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foOd foR thouGht... *ponDer*

Monday, September 10, 2007 10:42 p.m.

i will try to post more often =) and a great thing about livejournal is the ability to post pictures! ok i sound very suaku now. and this will prolly be the last post on this blog. bit sad really, as i've had this blog for a long time and many of the past oldold entries document my memories, =D and =( ones. but time to move on! ok i'm off to mug. see you!

Saturday, August 11, 2007 11:05 p.m.
today was rag day! a day full of chingay-like performances and floats. i wouldn't say it wasn't fun, cos in a way it was, but it was a real pity that i didn't manage to see any of the performances, not even that of my own faculty.
from what i heard, though, our dance was supposedly one of the best! pity i didn't see it. could only see very brief bits from where i was, perched on the back of the lorry wiggling the stupid plane. well done dancers anyway!
our float however.. oh never mind. it would suffice to say that it looked like a feeble attempt at float building, mere child's play, when placed next to other floats. the hall floats, in particular were WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW.......
but that's ok! after all, float building did provide many opportunities for og bonding. and true to the spirit of eredar, there's no shame in sucking!
perhaps the highlight of the day would be the hour-long queue to acquire the 2 dozen donuts from donut factory. just yesterday i was of the opinion that it was silly to queue for so long for donuts. today, however, i changed my mind. kli led me on the path to conversion when she offered me that first double choc donut at the padang. the donuts are HEAVENLY. the queueing is worth it! provided of cos you have friends to queue with la. it turned out rather fun indeed =D

Wednesday, August 8, 2007 09:11 p.m.
today felt like an utter waste of time. after spending the whole afternoon in school and getting so little done it didn't even justify the money i paid to smrt, i have come to the conclusion that at times, what you do is really less important than who you do it with. i felt so lonely and friendless today, thank God at least joy, my fellow slave, was there.
at about 4pm, in an uncommon (at least for me) showcase of irresponsibility, joy and i also decided to just take our bags and leave. i'm sorry darren, i hope we didn't cause too much trouble, i guess i was just feeling too rotten to stay any longer.
and in a bid to dispel some of the rotten feeling, i went to church for mass at 6pm. after dinner, i also went to the top of the 40-storey building beside my house to admire the spectacular view. it's a really great feeling to be so high up. being at high altitude or admiring nature's vast open spaces like the sea or an enormous plain never fails to lift my mind and soothe my spirit. i suppose that's part of the reason i love the great outdoors so much.
however, since today provided time aplenty for stoning, there was also much time to just think and ponder about stuff. in a battle between the heart and the head, which do you think will win? for example, in the taiwanese drama devil beside you, mike he and rainie yang were falling in love with each other even as mike's dad and rainie's mum were planning to get married, effectively making half-siblings out of the 2 of them. if you were in their shoes, would you be able to stop liking the other party just because your head tells you it's not a good idea? is it possible that your head will be able to rule your heart as such?
as can be seen i'm in a rather melancholic mood today, but don't worry, i'll be back to my usual happy self tomorrow =)
on a happier note, though i doubt you'll be reading this, happy 19th birthday shuyi! she has a birthday many people, especially the chinese, would love to have - 8/8/88. and to cap it all off, i hear she was born at 8pm. there you have a girl who's definitely going to strike it rich in future.
today also marks the 3rd anniversary of my living in toa payoh. i moved here from my amk flat on 8 august 2004! and i've never regretted it TOA PAYOH ROCKS. ok nvm random.
in addition, here's an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!! hope the fireworks tomorrow will be amazing.

Friday, July 27, 2007 11:29 p.m.
today was a fruitful day =)
i spent the entire day at ssdc chionging and working hard for the day when i will finally get my driving license. however there is still the final theory test, about 20 practical lessons, and the practical test in the way between me and my license. yeah man go go go
driving really isn't as easy as i thought it was. the main problem is getting the car to move in the first place. once it starts cruising its easy to keep it moving, but getting it to move off from rest is really tricky, and i stalled my car about 20 times today while practising it. don't laugh. however i'm happy to say i'm slowly getting the hang of it. next lesson will be better =D
all in all, it was rather fun though, it being my first time driving and controlling a car all by myself. there's a certain sense of power. hahahahaa...
and ok i guess this pretty much sums up my first driving experience. after i finally get my license i'll come back to read this entry and realise what a long way i've progressed. but for now my brain is shutting down and i think i need to sleep. heheh.
goodnight!! and to all those who're also in the process of learning driving, jiayou!! =D

Friday, July 20, 2007 6:12 p.m.
sorry i haven't blogged in such a long time, its been so many months and ive gone to and disrupted from ocs and am now waiting for school to start. and after all the confusion and bouncing about, in the end i'll still be going to nus medicine!
the 4-day medicamp ended yesterday with a blast at prince george's park. it was so much fun, and i was really sad that it was time to say goodbye to my new-found friends in eredar, with whom i spent four whole days and nights together.
day 1 was amazing race, where we got off to a bad start and did exceptionally badly despite our many unorthodox cheating methods.. but at least we weren't the last. day 2 we played station games which were rather fun, and i had the unfortunate opportunity to eat biscuits that were passed from mouth to mouth by about 10 people. i watched the sunrise on the morning of day 3 with glorijoy and alvin, and the rest of the day was spent playing water games which were so tremendously fun. the last night i didn't sleep at all, spending the whole night chatting and going to changi village and finally stargazing and watching the sunrise with celeste and jaryl, and day 4 we had some fun playing captain's ball and ended the camp with the activities, auction, and mass dance.
as with every camp and expedition, i'm having the post-camp withdrawal symptoms now. i just hope my og will last long and enjoy better luck than my rjc og did. next week i'll be involved in the rag n flag project, and before i know it, school with all its insane mugging will begin. im beginning to ramble now without any sense, perhaps it's got something to do with the fact that i haven't eaten anything all day. i guess i should go for dinner now =D
to end off, i would like to thank my ogls yaochen and lijia(one of the sweetest couples i've seen), denise, eching, enqi, michelle, john and zhiyong and my og mates beatrice, celeste, diana, gil, glorijoy, yien, yukit, alvin, darren, hanyang, jaryl, koo, mingjie, peter and zhunrui. i really genuinely had a splendid time with you all! =D

Sunday, March 25, 2007 5:06 p.m.
today's the last day of my block leave and i'm getting depressed. but i must count my blessings because i've indeed had a wonderful 1.5 weeks holiday. last saturday i had dinner at chomp chomp with several members of my fruit family. it was delicious =D
then this mon i went to clarke quay with some odac friends, tuesday i had some air force thing, wednesday i watched music and lyrics with jasmine, thursday i stayed at home watching vcds, friday i went to the airport to send minah off to china and then went east coast park to cycle, before going to chomp chomp for dinner. and yesterday i met eunice for lunch at plaza singapura, then in the evening went for an odac gathering at hulin's house.
it's been a splendid week and i got to see so many friends whom i've not seen for a long time. i don't know when will be the next time i'll be released back to civilisation, i guess they'll let us out on good friday, but i don't have high hopes for easter. why isn't easter sunday a public holiday?? it's such an important and significant day!!
alright i'll stop bemoaning my fate i'll be more positive and keep an open mind. with any luck i'll be a free man in 3 months time! =D

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 8:05 p.m.
BMT IS OVER! and i'm now on my block leave. i'm really happy to have this 1.5 weeks to rest, forget for a while that i'm in the army, and enjoy myself meeting up with all my friends before moving on to my next unit, where i know life will be much tougher and conditions harsher than in bmt. but i'll worry about that when it comes. right now i'm determined to enjoy my block leave!
i want to go cycling at ubin!! and rock climbing!! hopefully i'll be able to sometime this week or next but it seems rather unlikely. especially for rock climbing.. but anyone else interested in cycling at ubin? =)

Friday, February 16, 2007 5:04 p.m.
GONG XI FA CAI! it's that beautiful time of year again when adults start giving you money in little red packets. not that the money is the issue of course, this year cny is so special to me for another reason - i get to book out for 4 whole days!!
army has been fine i guess. i've been in tekong for 5 weeks and oddly enough i'm beginning to hope bmt will not end. cos i know my next step, ocs or otherwise, will probably be even tougher. the remainder of my bmt will be much less hectic, since most of the major modules, like field camp, sitest, and shooting are over. and my bunk is really beginning to feel very much like home..
and i was blog surfing just now and read a few past entries that made me miss my jc days so much again, and all the beautiful memories and flashbacks came to my mind. and i had a sudden urge to pick up my bike and cycle over to school just to reminisce and feel the nostalgia. but i decided not to because it's threatening to rain and i'll only end up feeling so sad and lonely in school anyway. hais. i really want to go back to school one day to just walk around the school campus and relive all the memories. but of course i don't want to do it alone. anyone care to join me?
hais i'm being stupid. i should stop thinking about it for now and just enjoy CNY to the max. 4 days of freedom! =)

Sunday, January 28, 2007 9:50 p.m.
i'm at home now and if anyone is wondering why, it's because i'm SICK. some sort of food poisoning. damn. i should have known that the food would take revenge one day after i so mercilessly devoured so many of their friends.
friday evening at about 6pm, just after i met kangya kli wooch and jas, my stomach started feeling wierd and i didn't have any appetite for dinner. guess what? i ate even less than kangya that night and that should earn me a place in the guinness world records. it was also about dinnertime that i started feeling feverish and rubbishy so after dessert (which i barely touched) at the big O, i decided to go home and rest and kli very kindly escorted me home! thanks so much!! =)
saturday, i spent most of the day sleeping, only eating half a small bowl of porridge for lunch and a piece of toast for dinner. in the evening i had to book in.. the moment i reached camp, i reported sick and went to see the medical officer (MO), who chided me for going back to camp at all, and promptly gave me an Attend C (i.e. in layman terms, MC, go home and rest). but alas! it was too late and i missed the last ferry back to mainland, so i spent the night in camp and booked out this morning.
thankfully i feel much better now and hopefully by tml i'll be in tiptop condition. i had better be, cos i'll probably be joining my platoon in the field camp and i'm still too young to die. pray for me friends. tml morning must wake up at 0530!! =S

P.S. don't worry friends it's not cos of you that i fell ill. the MO said that the effects of food poisoning are usually felt 4-6 hours after eating the food, which is just about accurate considering i ate lunch at 2. must have been the stupid shui jiao mian. dang.

Friday, January 26, 2007 3:46 p.m.
FIRST BOOKOUT!! the 2 weeks in camp simply crawled by but i've survived and i'm finally back in civilisation! the past 2 weeks have been relatively slack actually, especially the past 2 days, where we hardly did anything. however after i book in tomorrow evening i think things will change. it's off to field camp on sunday and i'm not really looking forward to it. ah anyway i'm too lazy to type any details.
i just want to thank all my friends for being so supportive and helping me get through the past 2 weeks, the highlight of my day is really the time when i can call my friends to chat and hear more about their wonderful civilian lives. and thanks especially to kangya n kli who woke up so early in the morning of the 12th to send me off to tekong!
and tonight it's dinner with my sisters and i'm determined to enjoy myself. then i'll come home n sleep till late tomorrow morning. heaven. and i'll try to rest as much as i can before booking in tomorrow evening.. WHY MUST THEY GIVE US ONLY 1 DAY OFF!! =S

Thursday, January 11, 2007 6:25 p.m.
i'm enlisting tomorrow!! time for me to serve my nation hurhur. well at least i'll come out fitter and stronger.
yesterday was a fantastic day. i met eunice at her house and we walked to ghim moh market for lunch. after lunch we walked around around ghim moh a bit before walking back to her house again, midway making a stop at secret recipe for dessert =D
after that i went to buona vista mrt, met jasmine, and we went to kangya's house. all 7 sisters + laoma + yokeshan turned up! it was a very nice get-together and dinner was fantastic too though i didn't really have any appetite cos i wasn't feeling well. kangya cooked! even if i were lying in hospital i would have crawled to her house to sample her cooking =D after dinner we had brownies (baked by patty) and ice cream for dessert and the brownies were really super delicious. yesterday was such a wonderful day! with good food and my dearest friends, who could ask for more?

Sunday, January 7, 2007 1:42 p.m.
yesterday i went to east coast park with jasmine kangya n wooch! i had such a great time cycling and chatting with them. it was disappointing we didnt get to rollerblade though,jasmine decided she didn't want to in the end. i feel a bit like i've been denied a real treat it would have been so funny seeing them learn to rollerblade. hahaha but it was really great cycling too! i had so much fun =D
after cycling we went bowling, and to the arcade, where there is this very exciting heart-pounding adrenaline-rushing shooting game that i kept playing it was so so fun hahaha. after that i wanted to watch the sunset so i returned to the beach with jasmine but we were slightly too late the sun had already set; we still managed to catch a view of a beautiful evening sky though.
we walked to parkway parade for dinner, after which we hunted for cornetto ice cream, to no success. kangya wanted some coffee so we went to starbucks, and jasmine and i went across the road to continue our quest for cornetto, finally finding it at 7-11. we then went to burger king to chat and wait for kangya's parents, who sent jasmine and i home. thanks so much!
next wednesday we'll be having sort of a farewell dinner for me at kangya's house, before i enlist on friday. it's as if i'm going to be executed soon, or as if i'm going overseas for 2 years, but thankfully i'll be able to see them again in a couple of weeks. hahaha but it will be the last time they see my hair for a long time. farewell, my hair. and DON'T anybody buy me a comb.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007 12:42 p.m.
hehheh here i am today, to blog about something i did yesterday for the first time - DONATE BLOOD. according to my cousin there was a news report on television about how the blood bank is critically short of blood, and an appeal for more to donate blood. therefore she, being a zealous red cross cadet, wanted to do her part. in the end my cousin, her parents, as well as me and my mum went to the blood bank at HSA (beside SGH)
it was quite interesting actually, it being a first time for me. not that i particularly enjoyed it, considering i have quite a phobia of injections. the last injection i had, not counting the finger pricks for the bone marrow donor programme and my ns checkup, was in p6 during my BCG.
so anyway, we reached HSA slightly before noon, where we saw quite a crowd at the blood bank which, according to my cousin, was phenomenal. the previous times she had been there, it was virtually empty. oh the wonders of the media. due to the long queue, we decided to register first, go for lunch, then return afterward to donate our blood.
the procedure to donate your blood is like this: first i had to fill in a form and declare that NO I HAVE NEVER HAD SEX WITH ANYONE OF THE SAME GENDER and NO I HAVE NEVER VISITED ANY PROSTITUTES BEFORE etcetc, then i went to see a doctor who took my blood pressure and asked a few questions about my sex life and travel history, and after that a nurse pricked my finger with that spring-loaded thing and drew some of my blood into a capillary tube and dripped a drop into a beaker of copper(II) sulphate for goodness knows what. finally then i was called into the blood donation room and asked to sit on this chair which was super comfortable and wait for my turn.
oh ya digress a bit for first time donors like me they will give this cute sticker showing a drop of blood making a 'V' sign and saying 'BE NICE TO ME - THIS IS MY FIRST DONATION!' and for my cousin she has worn this sticker 3 times already. the first time she tried donating blood the nurses couldn't find her vein and she was turned away. the second time the vein was found and the needle went in but after a very short while the blood flow mysteriously stopped and they had to reject her again. yesteday, on her third try, she finally managed to fill one bag of blood! wow the sense of satisfaction she must have felt..
so i was on this comfortable chair and i saw the nurse come to me and wrap the blood pressure thing around my arm to help find my vein, then she cleaned the area on the innerside of my elbow and took out this needle which was very small so i was thinking ok not too bad. the injection still hurt a bit though. after that she took out this MOTHER BIG NEEDLE and i was thinking OH SHIT i didn't know it was THIS BIG. i was quite scared la but i'm a MAN (jasmine NO i don't want to hear your comments about this) so i had to act tough hahaha.. and i didn't have time to feel scared la the nurse was swift in her actions. before i knew what was happening the needle was already being inserted into my arm. thankfully the anesthesia worked its magic and i hardly felt it at all. so my blood began to flow, but after half a minute the nurse said my blood flow was too slow, so she went to WIGGLE the needle that was inside my arm ok wahlao i think i must have looked FACE GREEN LIPS WHITE at that moment. but no la i didn't even feel a thing this time and if i weren't looking right at it i wouldn't even know it happened. thank God for anasthesia - mankind's greatest invention.
so i lay there for about 15.5 minutes while 450ml of blood drained out of me, after which the nurse returned to remove the needle and dress my arm to stop the bleeding. and they gave me the sponge ball i was squeezing during the donation which is super cute (it's a santa claus) as well as a meal coupon for me to have refreshments. not bad la horh hahaha..
okok i encourage everybody to go donate blood regularly cos you can really help save other people. it's quite a noble thing to do really =D

Monday, January 1, 2007 8:56 a.m.

from today onwards my ez-link card will begin making a TOOOOT sound instead of the toot-toot that i've grown so used to. it's sad to grow up. now i'm officially out of school, no longer a student, missing my school life even as rjc prepares to welcome a new batch of rafflesians. and now as i prepare myself for 2007 and the challenges it will bring, i shall recall some of the highlights of the now-past year 2006.
1) being group leader at the J1 odac sentosa orientation, held in sentosa, 14 jan 06.
2) being camp commandant of Basic Training Camp (BTC) 06. this was where i really learnt a lot about planning camps, and how difficult it actually is, with so many aspects to oversee and consider.
3) being in-charge of the sport climbing levels 1&2 courses for the J1 odacians, coordinating as well as teaching them. this was a great experience, and i'm really glad that through this i got to know many J1s much better than i otherwise would have.
4) being group leader in cluster expedition 06, leading a group of sec 3 students from various schools up mt ophir. this is another experience i enjoyed. it is always great to be able to share my love of the great outdoors with others.
5) odac chalet in may, with overnight cycling the 1st night and the handover ceremony the 2nd night. it was sad to step down.
6) taking part in the adventure trail challenge organised by ntu in june, with elly benny and yeye. we got disqualified even before the race started as elly spectacularly sprained her ankle 15 mins before our flag-off time. benny yeye and i went on to race unranked anyway, just for the experience of it.
7) surprising minah on the night of her birthday (sept26)! fati elly benny and i sneaked into her house with her maid's help while she was out having dinner with her family. she came home too early though while we were still making preparations and thus spoilt some of the plan, but i know she still got a big pleasant surprise. after that we went to adam road food centre for supper and called mr shah to join us, and that was when we first heard from him that he was getting married and wanted our help in planning his wedding party.
8) prelims. i've never studied so hard before, and in the 2 months before prelims, returning home from school at 9pm was the norm. yet to a certain extent i enjoyed the studying, as i was doing it with my dear friends =)
9) THE BIG A's. what more must i say?
10) odac21 post A's trip to malaysia! dimsum breakfasts, caving, white water rafting, hotsprings, KL free & easy, overnight KTM train. we were extremely fortunate in that we returned to singapore just the day before floods disrupted train services. though it might have been more exciting if we got stranded in m'sia..
11) mr shah's wedding party!! held at changi fairy point chalet 7 from 27 to 29 dec, it was a very fun experience and being part of the planning committee, i definitely enjoyed myself =)

yupyup i guess these are the more significant events that happened in 2006, not counting all the outings i had with my marvelous fruit family and fantastic BSG. thank you all my friends for making 2006 an especially wonderful and memorable year for me!

Friday, December 29, 2006 10:05 p.m.
The wedding party of Shah and Rozy finally ended today! I remember how, at Adam Road food centre on the night of minah's birthday, fati benny elly minah and I first found out from mr shah that he wanted our help in planning his wedding party. and a few days after that, we had a meeting in school before assembly where he officially told us, the planning comm, about it. that seemed like such an eternity ago now. but well, now about the party!

on Wed, 27 dec, slightly before 3pm, daffy fati minah shuting huiting datou benny jason hulin and I, together with shah and rozy, checked into the chalet at changi fairy point. elly felly and clara were supposed to be there too but didn't go as they weren't feeling well. we cleaned up the place, rearranged the furniture, and then had an extremely fun time in the room with the table tennis table, playing with the glass pebbles and tin cans and making a lot of noise. after a nasi lemak dinner, we had a bit of trouble with the plans due to the intermittent rain, but finally settled down to watch the movie hitch. many of us didn't finish watching it as the show was pretty dumb. i finally went to sleep at 330 in the morning.
the next day, 28 dec, I woke up at 730 to cook french toast with fati and huiting, and while it didn't turn out too badly, it wasn't very fantastic either. we spent the morning and early afternoon finishing up on the decor, and for lunch mr shah drove shuting and i to changi village to order takeaways, and we picked up felly on the way. after lunch, we cleaned the area slightly more, set up the bamboo torches, and did the finishing touches, eager for the party ahead.
for the party, there was catered food as well as a bbq, and the people present were mostly odac batches 21 and 22, the pe department and several other teachers from RJC, together with a handful of shah's and rozy's friends. the party, in my opinion, was a success. though the performances were mediocre at best and there wasn't very much space to move around in, the atmosphere was warm and friendly and the food good and plentiful. I could see that everybody really enjoyed themselves, and many people were impressed with the decor! that means we did a good job! I especially liked the tealights with coloured paper wrapped around them, as well as the beautiful seashells shuting brought from her house. and if I might say so myself, I thought the decor was pretty well done too (not counting the small fire that occured at the staircase due to one of the tealights of course, but it was put out very quickly. the charred marks, however, will probably remain as a reminder to the house that we once lived in it).
when all the guests finally left at 10 plus at night, the planning comm cleaned up the place, returned the furniture to their original positions, and packed the excess food into small packets for distribution to whoever wanted them. the whole what-we-did-with-excess-food-thing was rather funny actually, after we packed them into smaller bags datou yeye and shah went driving around and distributing the food to security guards and whoever else they found and even a few transvestites at changi village.
that night, fati benny minah shuting and I talked virtually through the night, till we had run out of conversation topics. we finally went to sleep at 630 the next morning (this morning), waking up at 9am. mr shah had thrown together some of the excess food from the night before and cooked us fried rice for breakfast! it was rather good actually. after breakfast, the chalet person came to check the inventory of things, and we left the chalet at about 11am. we returned to school, washed the tarp and dried the groundsheets, and finally headed for home at 1 plus in the afternoon.

and now, the final project we undertook as odac is over. though this project didn't involve the entire batch, and isn't, strictly speaking, an odac activity, it still felt like one as the planning comm and most of the guests at the party were odacians. I really wonder when will be the next time we will be able to gather together again as odac batch 21, especially with the guys going for our holiday retreat to p. tekong in 2 weeks.
cliched as it may sound, all good things do come to an end. the past 2 years in odac have been simply tremendously fantastic, and i can never imagine myself in another cca. and it finally really feels like THE END now, as there is no longer anything to look forward to between now and army. after A's there was the m'sia trip to look forward to, and after that there was the wedding party, but now it really feels like the end. so i guess this marks the end of one chapter of my life, and another is just about to begin on 12 jan. nevertheless, this chapter of my life in odac has left many beautiful memories, and i will definitely treasure all the wonderful memories all my life. thank you odac for being part of my life.

Monday, December 25, 2006 11:45 p.m.
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! this christmas has been very fun. yesterday, christmas eve, we had a fruit family outing which consisted just kangya jasmine wooch rng and i. not really considered fruit family la but all 3 generations were present okayy. we went to chocolate factory to eat dinner! and after that tried to replicate the successful 'sparkler xmas tree' we did last year.. sadly it failed this time round. ohwell. thanks kang anyway for bringing the sparklers and actually remembering to include a lighter.
at 10pm i had to rush home and go to church, i reached my church at 2245, and watched this sort-of-a-performance-thing at 11 and attended midnight mass at, well, midnight. it was a wonderful mass and i loved it! haha and after the mass, at 1 plus in the morning, there was a reception with yummy food and even turkey!! and i being who i am, ate rather alot...

today these same people came to my house! we watched 50 first dates, during which jasmine proved her sleeping prowess once again by falling asleep on my sofa. jasmine oh jasmine, has there been a single house you've been to that you didn't fall asleep in? even when i went to her house and she was the host she managed to fall asleep. i think jack neo should make a movie starring jasmine titled 'shui4 ba hai2 zi'
jasmine left at about 345pm to meet her friend, after which the 4 of us remaining played monopoly, watched another movie, then ate dinner at my house. after dinner, we wanted to buy rojak for rng to try for the first time in her life (yes this is not a typo error rng has NEVER eaten rojak before OMGOMG) but alas! the rojak stall was closed for the day!! poor rng. so we just bought drinks and sat outside hdb hub to chat till about 10pm when everybody went home. thanks to kangya jas wooch rng for making my christmas so fun!! =D

joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King!!

Monday, December 18, 2006 8:18 p.m.
I'm back! the past 3 days have been tiring, yet nonetheless extremely fun.
last friday, before leaving for m'sia, I was actually crazy enough to travel all the way to queenstown in the late morning to meet jasmine and kli for a claypot rice lunch. talk about being greedy (tracy don't be jealous, i'll bet you're stuffing yourself fat like a christmas turkey back home). we then went to bugis to walk, then to orchard, where kli left to meet her family, and jas and i walked all the way to dhoby ghaut where i met my odac friends. I really enjoyed myself that day!! thank you jas n kli! =)

that night, 29 of us odacians boarded an overnight coach headed for Ipoh. arriving the next morning just slightly past 6am, we went for a dimsum breakfast! (we didn't really have a choice. the 2 dimsum restaurants there were the only 2 food outlets that were open at that hour). After that, we took another coach to Gua Tempurong for our caving adventure. It wasn't my first time in a cave, and i think i've even been to Gua Tempurong before, but the route we took this time was definitely more fun. for the first part we walked deep into the cave on this man-made platform, the guide pointing out many interesting shapes formed by the rocks and stalactites and stalagmites, including tigers, cows, crocs, seahorses, jellyfish, dragons, most of which looked very real, yet the most uncanny would still probably the human figures and images formed, including a dead soldier and an old woman.
instead of walking out of the cave, however, we chose a more novel route. there was a river flowing through the cave, and we followed it out. most parts we could just walk, our lower legs sloshing in the cold water, yet at some parts we had more excitement, where the ceiling was extremely low, and we had to baby crawl or wade through. SOLID FUN. reminded me of the river on mt ophir.
after lunch, the 29 of us cramped into the back of a lorry and went on a 20 min ride to the starting point of our white water rafting! the lorry ride was really exciting, almost as fun as the rafting itself. along the way, standing on the back of the lorry (there was no room to sit since there were 29 ppl squeezed into a single lorry), (since we were all so tall) we had to dodge low lying branches and leaves and even a bunch of bananas hanging down from a tree. i got whipped a couple of times in my face but nvm that's besides the point.
white water rafting was good. though the river wasn't as rough as it could have been, it still provided a fair bit of excitement. albeit disappointingly, i didn't fall into the river. it's really exhilarating to float down the rapids, though slightly dangerous =D
we then took the lorry back to the entrance of the caves, transferring to a bus which brought us to our hotel, hotel robin in ipoh. it was free and easy after that, and i went with a few friends for dinner, then to a nearby shopping centre where we watched the movie eragon! the movie ticket only cost 8 RM! the cheap price was a major reason we decided to watch the movie oh man. the movie ended just after 11pm, and to our horror it was pouring when we tried to leave. and for some reason the taxi drivers refused to pick us up. so we decided to buy coffee from the starbucks outlet there and wait the storm out, yet just after amy got her coffee the rain lessened to a virtual stop and we rushed back to our hotel real quick. thankfully our hotel was just nearby.
the next day, sunday morning, i had dimsum for breakfast again, after which we checked out of the hotel and boarded a bus for the nearby hot springs. it was... HOT. there were pools marked 60 degrees, though they were just meant for dipping your feet into. and in addition there were yet hotter pools where some people were cooking eggs in. cool. I sat in the pool which was just slightly less than 40 degrees and within a minute i was perspiring, feeling like a har kau which i so unmercifully ate for breakfast that morning, though it was quite hard to tell whether the water on my face came from my sweat pores or from the precipitation of the hot water vapour. it was quite a good experience but abit uncomfortable due to the heat. i think i'm not a thermophilic organism. i shall not describe how much i enjoyed the cold shower afterward. hahahaha.. between real hot and real cold, i think i prefer real cold, like the river on mt ophir.
we then boarded the bus again and headed for KL, making a stop somewhere near ipoh for lunch. lunch was really good and really cheap. it was 'chinese dinner' style, and for a table of 10, we had vegetables, duck, chicken, fish, prawns, tofu and soup, and all that cost only 120 RM in total, 12 RM per person. yum. tracy would really love that place. we alighted finally outside the petronas towers around 3pm, and went to KLCC to shop. well actually it wasn't as much shop as it was eat. darrenleow, fati, huiting, jason, benny and i were together, and none of us bought anything besides food. the things at KLCC were, after all, rather expensive.
something very funny happened though. there was this toilet that was labelled some 'premium toilet' and cost a whopping 2 RM to enter, so in our insatiable curiousity we pooled small change and drew lots for someone to go in and check out what kind of toilet it was that had a 2RM entrance fee. jason was the lucky one and he went in with datou's camera. but well apparently it was nothing very special la, just somewhere the girls can go to escape the long queues at other free toilets.
at about 730pm, we had a birthday celebration at the foot of the petronas towers, before taking the train (KL's version of the MRT) to KL Sentral train station for our KTM train ride back to S'pore. the KTM train left the station at 10pm.
now a bit about the train! it was my second time taking a KTM train, but my first time taking the 'sleeper cabins' where there were bunks with 'double decker' beds! it was quite nice, the cabin had air conditioning and it was rather clean. the toilets were very small, like in an airplane, and it supposedly just led down onto the tracks (i expect the soil around the KTM train tracks must be really fertile), and that's why they very wisely advised us not to use the toilet when the train is stopping at a station.
that night, playing cards, cluedo, talking (and even playing a game of chinese chess) throughout the night, i didn't sleep at all. we arrived at Woodlands checkpoint slightly after 8am this morning. and yanzhen, amy and i went to causeway point for a burger king breakfast before taking the MRT home. I reached home just past 9am, bathed, brushed my teeth, watched an episode of the show that i asked my mum to tape for me last friday, and promtly went to sleep after that at 10+ in the morning. next thing i knew, my mum was waking me up at 7pm for dinner. wow. i never expected i would sleep that long. the stupid jasmine is infecting me.

and thus ends the last odac expedition i will be going for, at least for the near future. after army, hopefully we will be able to meet up once more for something like this again, but i don't think attendance will be as good as it usually is and it will just feel so different. after Mr Shah's wedding party on the 28th of this month, i don't know when many of us will next see each other again. I really hope we as odac will continue to at least keep in touch and maybe meet up once every few months or so. separation is difficult and sad, yet it will have to happen, and we will all move on to the next chapter of our lives. the memories, however, will remain. memories of good and happy times, and of sad and trying times, of BTC, MAC, Panti, Ophir, Kinabalu, Cluster, and the windsurfing, sports climbing and kayaking courses.
the next thing we have on now will be Mr Shah's wedding party. there's a meeting for it tml at 10am in school, and i'll definitely be there, assisting in the planning, and gripping on to and cherishing whatever i have left in odac, before it too slips away and only memories remain. let's make this last project together a memorable one. thank you ODAC.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 00:38 a.m.
I've been such a bad egg and i haven't updated this blog for 4 months. but now that A's are finally over, i think i should write something to wrap up my 2 years in RJC. it's finally ended. sad though i may be, there's nothing i can do about it. we all grow up and old and time passed can never come back. all that i've gone through in rjc are now little more than memories, yet nonetheless they are sweet memories that i shall never forget.
during the "moving ceremony", before i officially became a student of the school, i walked into the new school building with it's whitewashed walls for the first time. i'll never forget that jaw-dropping moment the first time i saw LT1. i also remember not really liking the design of the school, feeling it was too dull. green and white. more green and more white. every corner i turned, i saw yet more green and more white.
my 2-year journey officially began on 3rd jan 05, with my OG aps'traphi. i had a great time during orientation. i really did. even though, sadly, i don't even say hi to any of my OG mates anymore, save a few, i still am grateful to all my OG mates for the happy moments i've had.
another significant aspect of my JC would be ODAC. i really would not have enjoyed my 2 years half as much if not for this best cca in the world. the trainings we've had, the expeditions we've experienced, the roughing it out during treks and the many songs we've sung together. there's just too much to say, but i shan't say it here now, i'll probably write another entry after our last activity together - mr. shah's wedding! I LOVE YOU ODAC.
and to my class, 2SO3G, a very very big THANK YOU too!! i feel that in any college, who your classmates are will significantly affect how much you enjoy school. and indeed, 1SO3G/2SO3G 05'06 has given me countless happy memories. true enough, we may not be the most united class in college, and our class outings hardly ever turn out a CLASS outing, yet we've had no major quarrels or divisive splits. over the 2 years, there's been no secret backstabbing, no bitchfights, and in general no bad blood between anyone. as someone in class said, we are indeed like a forest. i find it hard to imagine a class with more diversity. from cannot-shut-her-up tracy to hardly-heard-her-voice yihong, from model councillor kangya to you-know-what piak, from the sporty valene to the more sedentary sandhya, from quick-as-lightning patty to slow-as-jasmine jasmine, from i-adore-my-textbooks mingjie/zhangxing/arthur/matthew to.. well the rest of us. we are a collection of many different people with many different personalities, and i am glad to say, we each contributed in our own ways to make these 2 years an unforgettable experience for us all.

now on to some individuas in class who made such a great difference to my life that it wouldn't do them justice not to mention them individually:
kangya - this girl is too nice for her own good. and from her i've learnt so much, about friendship, about life. after i met her, i realised that for e past 16 years i've never really been a good friend to anyone, and so i've been trying, and am still trying to be a better and truer friend to all my friends. everything she lacks in grades, she more than makes up for with her character and personality. jiayou kangya, with a character and personality like yours, i'm confident you'll find success and happiness in life. (p.s. it's really hard to imagine you're from ncc. hahahaha)
kli - it's odd really, how these 2 second-intakers became the ones who have had the greatest impact on me, and i'm sure, for many others in the class too. all i can offer you is help in maths, yet as in the case for kangya, i've learnt so much more from you than whatever i've taught you. thanks for being there through the trying times i've encountered, for sharing with me so much of your personal life, and for being the best friend one could ever ask for.
jasmine - this is a very different brand of girl from the 2 mentioned above, but nonetheless one whom i'm thankful for having gotten to know. you are probably the person in class with whom i talk the most crap, yet besides the ability to talk crap, you are also a very good friend, always ready with your messages of encouragement. without you, i would also probably have no more veins in my legs - they'll be all in my heart. thanks for being such an amazing study partner, exercise partner, and above all, confidante and friend. (p.p.s. it's even harder to imagine you're also from ncc. hahahahaha)

and after all has been said and done, my RJC term officially ended after the phy s paper last friday, 24th nov 06. oddly enough, i can't remember when it started, but the stark white and green building design i once thought so unwelcoming and un-homely ceased to be so. the colours now stir up a feeling in me, one that told me this was home. in virtually every corner of the huge campus, i have at some point or other in the 2 years done something there that will remain in my fondest memories. i loved my JC life. i love my school. i love ODAC. and i love my friends.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 2:41 p.m.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLI! though your bday was yesterday. hais i feel very lazy and don't feel like blogging. i've not felt like blogging for about a month already oh man.
yesterday to celebrate kli's bday we 7 qie mei plus laoma went to some imperial waddeva place in marina square for dinner! and i'm proud to say i ate my first (and second) xiao long bao!! haha i know that's really suaku pathetic. it was YUMMY. and the la mian i ate was also very tasty. hahaha..
and now i'm really beginning to get worried for prelims. not so much for my core subjects, but more for GP and my s papers. i feel so horrendously unprepared for them. BAD.

Friday, June 16, 2006 11:34 p.m.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY B-I-M-B-O!!! (aka elly) hahahaha ok anyway today i didn't do any studying. i went out for a cluster ex group 2 outing. hahaha ok it wasn't really a group outing in a sense. cos only 4 ppl were there. 2 sec 3s, xunqi and olivia, and 2 grp leaders, charlene and i. but looking beyond the fact that it's quite an absymal attendance, i'm really glad that we met up anyway.
about 4 months ago, i met them for the first time during one of the cluster ex preperation sessions, and during the march hols we went off to mt ophir together. and now im suddenly thinking of the few days we spent there in the outdoors. hahaha okk anyway after the expedition i never met them again till today. pretty nice feeling really.
so we went to watch the movie CARS! hahaha it's super good. when i first saw the trailer on tv i initially thought it looked like a really stupid show. but it turned out to be a wonderful show i really enjoyed. recommended. =D
alright then. it's midnight and i need to SLEEP!!!

Sunday, June 4, 2006 10:24 p.m.
im aching, tired, and burnt. sounds quite terrible ya and i feel like a roast chicken. i don't get burnt very often cos i don't often stay out in the sun for long periods of time (the result: someone say my skin white like tofu hahaha). but well yeye benny elly and i formed a team to take part in the adventure trail challenge organised by ntu. it was EXHAUSTING to say the least.
my team suffered tremendous bad luck actually, cos we produced the first casualty of the day. BEFORE our race even started. 15 mins before our flag-off time, while rushing to the toilet elly accidentally stepped into a hole in the field beside tampines mall (the starting point) and ended up spraining her ankle. poor girl. yeye benny and i continued with the race in a 3-man group but it was just for fun - we would not be ranked cos we were one member short.
it was quite ok though, we benefitted from the experience and im very glad yeye and i managed to complete the whole race (benny didnt in the end but haiyah long story). and even if we were ranked it wouldn't make much difference - some other teams, especially the CJ teams, were too good. we stood no chance of getting anywhere near them. so the three of us still had fun la, or at least i did, though without elly around it just wasn't as enjoyable.
in short, we started at tampines mall, ran to bedok reservoir where we had to build a structure, then run back to century square which is beside TM for our abseiling station. Next we had to run all the way to pasir ris park, get our kayaks and kayak over to pulau ubin. Over there, we had to cross 3 rivers (for the first it was mostly mud and sludge scrambling), walk quite a distance, and do trail biking round the far eastern side of the island. After that, return to our kayaks, kayak back to mainland, and run back to tampines mall where the end point was. total dist. covered: about 35km (according to ntu)
wahh i want to go and sleep liao. too lazy to write all the details here and i doubt anyone will be interested anyway. hahaha and tml i think ill go to school and study. but what time i go will depend on what time i manage to crawl out of bed. hoho.
ok enough. BEDTIME!

to kli: hope u enjoyed yourself hahahahahaha =D